Onurcan Sahin's

Personal Home Page

Welcome to my personal page.

This page consist of videos and photographs taken/created by me

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

About Me

I am the first child of a couple who were both police officers. Due to their job we had to move often. I studied 10 different schools in first 8 grade but after high school I grew up in Istanbul.

I attend to Istanbul technical university for bachelor’s and master’s degree.

I moved to Crete, Greece for my PhD degree. After three years I came back to Turkey for three years. In 2018 I had another opportunity for living and working in Crete.

I am a scientist and engineer and this is how i sustain my life. However, i have several hobbies such as photography and aerial vieography. Furthermore, i have deep interest in motorcycles.


This part of the page consists of photographs that i have taken. There are also some of my favourite quotes. In the main page there are only 9 but you can access more by clicking the button at the end.


This part of the page consits of aerial videos that i have taken arond Crete with my DJI mavic air 2. All videos are also shared my humble youtube channel called OJS34. In time I will add more videos beside the aerial ones.

Videos are limited by 9 please proceed the channel or click the button to see more.